Posted on 13 April 2018 (0)

Tree removal and trimming are jobs that require professionals because they need safety precautions, training, specific skills, and precision. Doing such jobs yourself might result in injury or even damage your property. We both know that doing these tasks yourself in the name of saving money isn’t worth it.

If you’re always following the news media, you’ll agree to the fact that many homeowners get killed or severely injured because of attempting to cut down trees or trim large branches on their own. Tree service should be done by the professionals since it is extremely technical and complicated. Just remember that removing a tree isn’t anything like cutting up firewood using a chainsaw.

Start by doing your research when searching for a professional tree service to avoid scams. Hiring someone who doesn’t have the right skills could lead to devastating results to your home. Here are some factors to consider when determining the cost of tree removal:

The height of the Tree

Most of the local companies you’ll come across in Charlotte will charge you depending on the height of the tree. There is a set fee for every foot meaning the cost will vary depending on the height of your tree. The cost of removing a small tree of about twenty feet will be less per foot that a larger tree of about ninety feet. The 90-foot tree could be priced at $15 per foot which means you’ll pay $1,350. A 20-foot tree, on the other hand could be priced at $8 per foot meaning you’ll have to pay $160.

Avoid a tree service company that quotes a very low price. Like companies in other sectors, tree service companies are required to pay a high price of obtaining and maintaining licenses and insurance that covers the liability and compensation of workers. You, therefore, don’t expect a price that very low. A company quoting unusually low prices could not be having a license or adequate insurance.

Emergency Tree Removal Charlotte

When it comes to emergency tree removal services, be ready to pay a higher price. Probably your tree has been affected by a storm damage or struck by lightning and you want the job done quickly. The tree service company will charge you more because of the urgency of completing the work as well as the risk involved especially after a storm damage. The best solution to avoid emergency situations is removing all hazardous trees before it’s too late.